PC Chaperone

PC Chaperone 5.7

Internet filters, parental controls, instant messenger controls, user monitoring

PRICE GUARANTEE: If you find another parental control with all the features of PC Chaperone for a better price we will give you a FREE professional license!
PC Chaperone is an all-in-one parental control, Internet filtering, and user-monitoring package that includes all of the features you would expect and some you won't find anywhere else!
STEALTH MODE: Prevent users from seeing that you're controlling or watching them with the optional stealth mode.
INTERNET FILTERING: Filter Internet content with the pre-built filters and customizable block lists (the pre-built Internet filters include extensive lists of known websites plus dynamic filters that categorize each web page users attempt to view).
INTERNET ACTIVITIES: Record websites visited.
INSTANT MESSENGERS: Control who users can talk to on MSN, AOL, and Yahoo messenger while recording both sides of any conversation.
PROGRAM SCHEDULING: Block access to any program or schedule when programs can be used.
KEYSTROKE LOGGING: Log every keystroke in any program.
EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: User activity reports and violation notifications can be securely sent to any email address.
PLUS PC Chaperone includes features that are not available anywhere else:
In addition to completely blocking websites you can limit access to specific times or for a maximum duration per day.
Program schedules can be shared with more then one program, allowing similar programs, such as games, to share a daily time allotment.

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